July 21, 2024

Rare Rubies of God - We represent God fearing women who have overcome real issues. This ministry focuses on intercession prayer, bible study, outreach ministry to both young girls and senior adults, fundraising, and issues that affect women. We encourage spiritual growth in the Lord and unity with women. Our mission is to teach the women of the world how to be true women of God.

Men on Fire for God - In this ministry the men stand up and stand out. They strive to be the best they can be in the Lord. We reach out to young men around the neighborhood and help them to deal with everyday issues. We are dedicated to helping men to be the Godly men that God has called them to be. Our mission is to glorify God by being and training the men of the world to be awesome men of God!

Drama Ministry - We use acting to demonstration to the people, Godly ways and right decision to do if they were put in to that situation. Each and every Sunday or whenever the time presents itself we look forward to gracing the congregation’s spirits with some of our skits and plays.

Steppers of Praise - The purpose of organizing a drill team is to honor God, to give God praise, and to encourage the learning of scripture. Also, to teach Christian youth discipline, obedience,self-control and leadership abilities. The drill team works together to represent the Christian body in their presentation and witness. The drill team seeks to teach, develop and inspire those participating and those observing such performances of style, articulation and fortitude.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors -The Intercessors pray for all the concerns of the church and needs of the ministry. As Intercessors we are to cover the person or situation in prayer. There are two levels in the ministry of Intercession: the first level of intercession is the responsibility of every Christian and the second one is a gift that God bestows as a part of the biblical Ministry of Helps. Some who receive the gift of Intercession receive a future gifting to become prayer leaders. God uses them not only to intercede, but also to teach others the secrets of intercession.

Love without Limits - Imagine a relationship where the body is sacred love is abundant, and the spirit is honored love without limits marriage ministry teaches couples about unconditional love; that there is no limit to the expansion of love. We know that marriage is a covenant between us and God, we want to keep God at the center of our marriage and we want to understand God’s viewpoint on marriage. There is nothing more intimate than worshiping God with your spouse. We believe that if you keep God in the center you will reap the benefits!

Sold Out Singles - We strive to reach women and men who are living single. Through the word of God, we encourage them by teaching them the ways of the Lord so they will live a holy life before God. We pray that God will meet their every knowing need, and that they possess the right standing in the sight of God.