June 17, 2024

Biography of Prophet Evelyn Derry

Prophet Evelyn Derry, a native of New Orleans, LA, and is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Impact Fire Ministries located in Bossier City, Louisiana. She is the Loving wife of Grady Derry and devoted mother of four beautiful children, Treychel Bryant, Terry Vincent Jr., Angelique Derry, and Kaylah Derry and grandmother of eight adorable Grand Children, and has many spiritual sons and daughters.

Prophet Evelyn Derry was baptized at a very early age at St. Mark 4th Baptist Church in New Orleans, LA. In 1998 God gave Prophet a vision, and it was to Impact lives by preaching God’s word and helping to set the captives free through the power of God. Prophet Evelyn Derry was licensed in 2001 to minister the word of the Lord under the leadership of Apostle Felton and Prophetess Dionne Williams. After years of active leadership under Apostle Felton and Prophetess Dionne Williams, she was elevated and licensed as an Elder in 2005.

In October 2007 the Lord gave divine instructions to Apostle Felton C Williams to elevate and install Prophet Evelyn and her husband Grady Derry as Pastors of Greater Faith Christian Church in Shreveport.

In May 2008 the Lord connected Prophet Evelyn and her husband Grady to the International Church of Foursquare Gospel and Prophet Derry was licensed as a minister of the Foursquare Gospel.

In May 2009 the Lord gave Prophet Evelyn Derry another elevation to the office of the Prophet and ordained under the leadership of Apostle Felton and Prophetess Williams. She is an anointed yielded vessel chosen by God, to prepare the Kingdom of God for the Messiah Jesus Christ glorious return. God has given her a global mandate to teach, counsel, equip and lead His people into the knowledge and understanding of His holy word; through powerful preaching and revelatory teaching. In addition to, ushering the Body of Christ into God’s glorious presence through prayer, praise, worship and prophetic utterance as the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit manifested.

In October 2010 God gave instructions to Prophet Derry through the Holy Spirit and to change the ministry name to Impact Fire Ministries. This shift is transforming a generation through the power of God. Prophet Evelyn Derry walks in an apostolic/prophetic anointing and has an international deliverance ministry of which the primary focus is to impact lives to the power of God.

As God's chosen vessel, she has uniqueness in her prophetic gift. Words of wisdom and knowledge, faith, healing, diverse tongues and discernment of spirits are the gifts God has given her for the building of His kingdom. God has entrusted her with a supernatural anointing whereby healings, deliverance, revival, restoration, and miracles manifested for His glory.

On March 19, 2013 Prophet Evelyn Derry connected with Apostle Darrel Johnson and Prophetess Chelsea Johnson to further enhance Kingdom building and covered by Antioch Christian Fellowship Worldwide. Currently she is the Dean of Worship for   Greater Works Global Ministries  under the leadership of Apostle J Marie Phillips. Prophet Derry is a part of the Global Prayer Guard and Prayer Institute.

Prophet Derry is an Alumni of Bossier Parish Community College in which she received an Associate Degree on August 16, 2012. She continued to pursue her Bachelor’s degree and obtained it through Louisiana Tech. Prophetess Derry obtained her Master’s degree at Grand Canyon University in Professional Counseling on June 28, 2017, and is working on her Doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision.

Prophet Derry’s ministry weapons of choice are prayer, worship, and fasting. As a true worshipper, she dwells in the “Secret place of the God.” She’s an Intercessory Prayer Warrior and emphasizes, "Where there is much prayer, the Lord's power can manifest supernaturally!" As an anointed spirit filled the vessel, she operates with a vision of excellence as the Holy Spirit leads and she follows. Prophet Derry encourages all people to repent of their sins, receive salvation, and walk according to God’s will for their lives.